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Den underbara pumpan

Den underbara pumpan

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Lillbjörn och Storbjörn hittar ett frö som de planterar i jorden. Och fröet växer och blir en pumpa. Pumpan blir större och större, och snart är den så stor att Lillbjörn och Storbjörn kan bo i den. När pumpan ramlar ner i havet så åker de iväg på massa spännande äventyr.

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Paul Lennart Hellsing was a Swedish writer and translator. He was a prolific writer of children's literature, particularly known for his rhymes and word plays. He is considered an "outstanding poet" in the field of humour and nonsense writing. In 1987, he received the Grand Prize from Samfundet De Nio. Hellsing was married to actress Yvonne Lombard from 1953 to his death in 2015....more