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Destination Unknown~A Tale of Time Travel

Destination Unknown~A Tale of Time Travel

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Jul 28, 2018
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Twenty-six-year-old Beth needs no more drama in her life. Her job has become unstable leaving her with a shaky future. Dealing with a violent ex-boyfriend stalking her has been stressful enough. Now, on top of that, a serial killer’s on the prowl killing women who look like her.
Meanwhile, B

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Kathleen Ballantine Watson's fictional tale, "Destination Unknown" existed in her mind well before her fingers made it to the keyboard. For thirteen years the tale unfolded to her children, grandchildren, friends, and family whom all persuaded her to write a book. DESTINATION UNKNOWN is her first novel. This story of time travel, love and the thrill of a serial killer takes place in Forest Lake, MN, a quaint town thirty miles north of Minneapolis in the years 2016 and 1860. A sequel is in the...more