Diaries 1926-1957: Volume I

Diaries 1926-1957: Volume I

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These diaries reveal Antonia White's struggle with anxiety, depression, writer's block and her difficult and dramatic relationships. They cover the writing of four novels, the birth of two daughters and her reconciliation with the Catholic Church. The editor is Antonia White's daughter.

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Antonia White was born as Eirine Botting to parents Cecil and Christine Botting in 1899. She later took her mother's maiden name, White.

In 1921 she was married to the first of her three husbands. The marriage was annulled only 2 years later, and reportedly was never consummated. She immediately fell in love again with a man named Robert, who was an officer in the Scots Guards. They never married, and their relationship was brief but intense, which led to her experiencing a severe m