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Among the most versatile of all living novelists, Mr. Mittelholzer, after his controversially experimental novel "Latticed Echoes", now gives us a study in the macabre in the manner of his earlier ghost story "My Bones and My Flute". But "Eltonsbrody" is not a ghost story. It is an attempt to paint ...more

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Edgar Mittelholzer is considered the first West Indian novelist, i.e. even though there were writers who wrote about Caribbean themes before him, he was the first to make a successful professional life out of it. Born in Guyana (then British Guiana) of Afro-European heritage, he began writing in 1929 and self-published his first book, Creole Chips, in 1937.

Mittelholzer left Guyana for Trinidad in 1941, eventually migrating to England in 1948, living the rest of his life there excep