Entangled Lives

Entangled Lives

  • Imran Omer does an amazing job of creating a novel that is both historical (including recent history) fiction and fact, delving deep into the history of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan....There was so much I appreciated about this book, alongside the story itself...I also deeply appreciated the characters and their humanness... Jade Hughes |2 . Comment
  • With his brilliant novel Entangled Lives, Imran Omer puts a human face on a subject otherwise overwhelmed by propaganda on all sides. In a story as exciting as it is important, as sad as it is hopeful, we can begin to understand the all too human personal tragedies behind a generation of war. Philip Athans, bestselling author0 . Comment
  • A gripping fictional story that could easily be a real account of what happens to survivors of the onslaught of the Taliban in Afghanistan... An emotional and at times, heartbreaking read that will keep you thinking. Jill Dobbe | Goodreads0 . Comment
  • A gem of a story--emotionally resonant while being culturally impactful. The novel isn't some forgettable social artefact but an exceptional literary work. Daniel Casey | NetGalley0 . Comment
  • Entangled Lives is a connective novel that shifts views and shows the intersection of two worlds in face of the darkest moments in our lives. Set in the Middle East and focused about two unlikely people in the face of great odds, this novel compares to The Kite Runner and Girls of Riyadh. Ron Samul | Ron Samul Reviews0 . Comment
  • As an immigration lawyer I have seen many cases of Afghani refugees. However this novel still made a huge impression on me. We here in Holland live nowadays a safe life and you can hardly imagine what it will be when that safety is snatched away from you or when you are never safe....A very good novel that is no propaganda document. It is scary and very depressing. Definitely not a happy read. Although there is a happy result of goodness to look forward to.. Not a novel you will easily forget. Wytzia Raspe | Dutchy's Book Reviews0 . Comment
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Raza, a poor orphan trapped in the slums of Pakistan, is sent to a strict madrassah where he meets and falls in love with Perveen. They attempt to flee the city to escape their respective fates but fail. Perveen, pregnant, is sent back to her family, and Raza is sent to Afghanistan to fight as a Ta ...more

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