Fallen Gods Bob Skinner Series

Fallen Gods Bob Skinner Series

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Can Scotlands sharpest detective draw triumph from tragedy Demons from his past threaten Skinners personal and professional life in Quintin Jardines unputdownable crime thriller Fallen Gods Perfect for fans of Ian Rankin and James OswaldSkinner is brilliantly portrayed Quintin Jardine is at the he ...more

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About Author

Quintin Jardine is the author of two much-acclaimed and best-selling series of detective novels, as Eddie Bell and Pat Lomax, his agents, can be heard proclaiming to anyone who is listening, at book festivals around the world.

QJ is a crusty but urbane Scot, in his prime, and done with disclosing his age. (What’s that got to do with it anyway?) He was born in Motherwell, Lanarkshire, and educated there and in Glasgow, where he studied snooker and, in his leisure moments, law, at wha