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From Another World

From Another World

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Rosario had no shadow. I remember noticing this very clearly and telling myself that I didn't need to have goose bumps. This wasn't important. Peter Pan didn't have a shadow, either, and he was a good guy. But I couldn't take my eyes off the wall, as if I were staring at a movie on a big screen. Th ...more

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Ana Maria Machado was born in 1941 in Rio de Janeiro and is, alongside Lygia Bojunga Nunes and Ruth Rocha, one of the most significant children's book authors in Brazil. She started her career as a painter in Rio de Janeiro and New York City. After studying Romance languages she did a PhD with Roland Barthes at the 'École pratique des hautes études' in Paris. She worked as journalist for the magazine 'Elle' in Paris and the BBC in London. In 1979, she opened the first children’s literature book...more