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Funny, Peculiar: The True Story of Benny Hill

Funny, Peculiar: The True Story of Benny Hill

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Benny Hill was an unlikely figure of global admiration—he was a deeply private individual, a loner, uninterested in money and the trappings of success. Acclaimed in the 1950s as the first British TV comedy superstar, loved for his pioneering ideas and humor, Hill's popularity remained undimmed for ...more

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MARK LEWISOHN is the acknowledged world authority on the Beatles. Before embarking on The Beatles: All These Years his books included the bestselling and influential The Complete Beatles Recording Sessions and The Complete Beatles Chronicle. He was a consultant and researcher on all aspects—TV, DVDs, CDs and book—of the Beatles own Anthology and has been involved in numerous additional projects for them. Married with two children, he lives in England....more