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Future Imperfect: Best of Wily Writers 2

Future Imperfect: Best of Wily Writers 2

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The futures of which we’re now dreaming are taking on new twists and turns of the imagination. One could easily say that each of the stories in this volume take place in the future where magic has returned, technology has abandoned us, aliens have invaded us, or we ourselves have evolved—or devolve ...more

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Angel Leigh McCoy lives with a cat named Boo, in Seattle, where the long, dark winters feed her penchant for horror and dark fantasy. Her short fiction has appeared in several anthologies, including the RAVENS IN THE LIBRARY project.

During the day, she is a game designer at ArenaNet, where she is part of a vast team effort to make the coolest MMORPG ever: Guild Wars 2. At night, she writes crazy fiction and serves as head editor at

Over the years, she ha