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Güller Şöleni

Güller Şöleni

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Yirminci Eş'te başlayan, Hint-Moğol İmparatoru Cihangir ile Mihrünisa aşkı, bu kitapta da büyüsünden ve heyecanından hiçbir şey kaybetmeksizin sürüyor; ancak yeni aşkların ve iktidar savaşlarının gölgesinde...

Cihangir'in yirminci eşi olarak hareme giren Mihrünisa günbegün güçlenip iktid

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About Author

Indu Sundaresan was born in India and grew up on Air Force bases all over the country. Her father, a fighter pilot, was also a storyteller—managing to keep his audiences captive and rapt with his flair for drama and timing. He got this from his father, Indu's grandfather, whose visits were always eagerly awaited. Indu's love of stories comes from both of them, from hearing their stories based on imagination and rich Hindu mythology, and from her father's writings.

After an undergradu