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Grand Theft Auto IV Signature Series Guide

Grand Theft Auto IV Signature Series Guide

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BradyGames’ Grand Theft Auto IV Signature Series Guide includes the following:

MISSIONS: Maps and strategy for all main story missions--plus complete coverage of Vigilante, Car Thefts, Most Wanted, Friendships, Random Characters, and the myriad other activities requ


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Tim Bogenn was born in Grosse Pointe Michigan, moved to California's bay area in the early '90s where he started working at Sony Computer Entertainment of America just months before the launch of the first PlayStation. After three years with SCEA he began writing video game strategy guides for BradyGames Publishing. Since 1998 he has written well over 100 strategy guides, the most popular being from the Grand Theft Auto series. Tim currently lives in Greenville, North Carolina. Tim and his wife...more