Heavy Feather Review 1.1

Heavy Feather Review 1.1

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Issue one, volume one of the Heavy Feather Review literary journal.

Cover by Steve Roggenbuck.

Fiction by Alex Austin, Lori D’Angelo, Rick D’Elia, Elizabeth Ellen, Nicolle Elizabeth, Roxane Gay, Amy Glasenapp, Len Kuntz, Meg Pokrass, Molly Prentiss, Zulema Renee Summerfield, J

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About Author

D.W. Lichtenberg is the author of THE ANCIENT BOOK OF HIP, an exploration of the phenomenon of hip, released November 2009. He is a writer, a filmmaker, a caffeine addict, an obsessive cleaner.

His filmography can be found on IMDB. He attended NYU where he obtained a BFA in Film. His credits include associate editor on feature film FIFTH FORM & camera operator on feature documentary FOOL IN A BUBBLE.

His writings include THE ANCIENT BOOK OF HIP, winner of the 2009 Mich