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I Love You More Than Anything

I Love You More Than Anything

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This delightful, colorfully illustrated original by Kathleen Renee, baby book brings a fun playful way to let baby know how much you love him or her.

The simple yet meaningful text combined with the illustrations is sure to be a favorite with children of any age. Sweet and powerful, a mu

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About Author

Hello and welcome to my authors page!

I am the author of three books now. My new book is titled "Brooklyn Raised / Livin' Upstate"

My new book is another memoir, but this one is different. In my book I share what it was like for me growing up in Brooklyn, NY. I share what it was like for me to move after I got married and raise a family. Last I share about the loss of my mom.
My book has been written in three parts.
Part 1: Growing up in Brooklyn