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This book is a Self Help book written by Me which tells that Parents need to have a positive approach towards their kids that helps them to sail through the journey of Parenting.

  • Hello everyone. 😊
    This is the Trailer of my Book Key To A Happy Parenting.
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  • The love between a mother & a daughter knows no distance.

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  • Parenting is a process wherein Parents need to understand a fact.
    "har baccha kuch kehta hai".
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  • The habits to be infused in a child is to be taken care of by parents. Why it is so important? 0 . Comment
  • Kids need to handle with love & care & that's what my book on parenting says. 0 . Comment
  • Parenting needs to be done in such a way that neither it would be a burden on parents nor the kids would feel like something is forced on them, as this way it will obviously lead to a happy parenting 0 . Comment
  • " For parents childhood of their kids is like an empty blackboard & the values & morals are like the chalks & the love & dedication is like an eraser".

    Since the kid is born parents need to make their kids learn the things, & inhibit values & morals in them & if somewhere they do mistakes help them to improve through their love & dedication towards them in such a way that would help them to be the best version of themselves.

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