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Latter-Day Cipher

Latter-Day Cipher

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When rebellious Utah socialite Kirsten Young is found murdered in Provo Canyon with strange markings carved into her flesh and a note written in a 19th Century code, questions arise about the old laws of the Mormon Church. Journalist Selonnah Zee is assigned the story, which quickly takes on a life ...more

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Author of about two dozen books, most published by major publishers such as Zondervan/Harper Collins, Howard/Simon & Schuster, Moody, Word and others. Over 150,000 copies sold. Now writing, in a patron-based ministry, books published by TSU Press (Albuquerque, NM): Passion, Power, Proxy, Release; Just You, Me and God; The Heart's Door; The Parables of Jesus.

New book September 2017: A Conspiracy of Breath; historical literary fiction based on the premise that a woman wrote the bi