Le sumo qui ne pouvait pas grossir

Le sumo qui ne pouvait pas grossir

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.. Enfin grosse, c'est vite dit, parce que notre jeune héros à bien du mal à entrer dans la norme "Sumo". Mais plus que l'apprentissage de l'art lui-même, qui reste la toile de fond de l'histoire, le but véritable c'est non pas la maîtrise de son corps, ou la victoire du combat mais la recherche de ...more

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About Author

A popular contemporary French author and dramatist, his plays are translated and staged in more than 30 countries all over the world.

He studied at the Lycée du Parc in Lyon and was accepted at the famous École normale supérieure in Paris (1980–1985), where he received a doctorate in philosophy. As the theme for his dissertation, he chose "Diderot and metaphysics". He spent three years teaching in Cherbourg and at the university of Chambéry.

He is of Alsation extraction. B