Life Under A rock

Life Under A rock

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  • Hi Monica, I love your spirit of fighting. Just read your interview here and it brought tears to my eyes.

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  • Hello Monica!
    Hats off to your spirit !
    Wish you & your book a great success ahead.
    Will conclude my words by this Quote written by Me as a small gift for you & your efforts.
    "To live with all the abilities is not a big deal but having disabilities in life & then living your life perfectly is a biggest achievement in life & the people who have this spirit are born survivors"

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Jun 18, 2018
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A child with special needs grows up, trapped in a failing foster-care system. She is abused, sexually, physically and emotionally. She feels spiritually abandoned by her adopted family. Yet with the odds stacked against her she grows to become a strong young woman, even completing college and becom ...more

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Hello my name is Monica I am 28 year old. I was born with mild cerebral palsy I cam very hard working person who stay strong and always stay positive as I can be. I love to stay active and confident. I don’t let others tell me any different. I am very nice loving caring person. I am no stranger to anyone. My goal is to helping others share their stories no matter what kind of stories we have their is alway a story out their. I wonna get my stories out their all over in the United States....more