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Madama Butterfly (Book and CD's): Black Dog Opera Library

Madama Butterfly (Book and CD's): Black Dog Opera Library

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The Black Dog Opera Library is one of the most popular, informative, and budget-friendly ways to enjoy all the great operas. Each book in the series includes a history of the opera, a synopsis of the story, a complete libretto in its original language as well as in English, and dozens of photograph ...more

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An Italian composer, son of Michele Puccini and fifth in a line of composers from Lucca. After studying music with his uncle, Fortunato Magi, and with the director of the Insituto Musicale Pacini, Carlo Angeloni, he started his career at the age of fourteen as an organist of St. Martino and St. Michele, Lucca, and at other local churches. However, a performance of Verdi's "Aida" at Pisa in 1876 made such an impression on him he decided to become an opera composer. With a scholarship and financi...more