Magical Makeovers

Magical Makeovers

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The Glitter Girls are the coolest group of girls, and they've gotto find something super-brilliant to do for the school fete. Luckily,they've come up with the most original idea of all-they'regoing to offer makeovers for everyone. The whole school will be queuingup to get the Glitter treatment! All ...more

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I was born in London and lived there for over 30 years. I used to think that I wanted to be a ballet dancer and I even went to the Royal Ballet School for a while. But I changed my mind about dancing and my first job was at a charity that promoted books and reading throughout the United Kingdom. I was really lucky because I worked in a library full of children’s books – it had a copy of every single book published in the UK for young people. I loved reading all the books and I met lots of inter...more