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Dunia ini akan hadir ke dalam mimpi-mimpimu. Inilah tempat dimana sihir ada tanpa mantra—di sudut mana pun kau berada. Tiap percikan sihirnya menyimpan kisah dan rahasia. Abhar, tokoh pria ambisius yang sedikit angkuh bisa keluar dari naskah. Rodvenil, iblis yang hidup dalam hati manusia. Unicorn, ...more

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About Author

A shop owner by the day, a pilgrim of fantasy realms by night.
A shapeshifter in the online world, known by the nickname "Vadis", he visits one world and another, learning a thing or two.

The results? Andry's debut novel, FireHeart, and a score of multimedia products: Games, cartoons, comics and such.

And, he always hungers to make more.