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Mary Engelbreit: The Art And The Artist

Mary Engelbreit: The Art And The Artist

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Mary Engelbreit: The Art and the Artist follows this amazing artist's career from the moment she first set up shop (a "studio" in her mother's linen closet), and on to her current status as the world's premier illustrator of greeting cards, books, calendars, coffee mugs, and hundreds of other produ ...more

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Mary Engelbreit grew up studying the illustrations in the vintage storybooks of her mother’s childhood, and she developed a unique style that harkens back to those simpler times. Mary’s distinctive images have made her a celebrity to millions, who eagerly snap up gift items, calendars, books, fabrics, and more.

Mary’s New York Times bestselling The Night Before Christmas is part of the holiday tradition for families across the country. Other beloved additions to a child’s first books