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Michael Palin's Hemingway Adventure

Michael Palin's Hemingway Adventure

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One hundred years after the birth of Ernest Hemingway, Michael Palin sets out to discover the man behind the legend: a hard-drinking womanizer who liked cats and shooting -- but wrote like a dream and left an idelible impression on the twentieth century through his work.
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Michael Edward Palin, CBE, is an English comedian, actor, writer and television presenter best known for being one of the members of the comedy group Monty Python and for his travel documentaries.

Palin wrote most of his material with Terry Jones. Before Monty Python, they had worked on other shows such as The Ken Dodd Show, The Frost Report and Do Not Adjust Your Set . Palin appeared in some of the most famous Python sketches, including "The Dead Parrot", "The Lumberj