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1955: la jeune Republique indienne a tout juste cinq ans. Mira, dix-sept ans, se met en tete de seduire Dev, afin d entrer en competition avec sa s ur ainee, la belle Roopa. Mais, surprise dans une situation compromettante, elle se voit contrainte de l epouser, bien qu il soit d'un rang social tres ...more

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About Author

Manil Suri is an Indian-American mathematician and writer, most notable for his first novel, The Death of Vishnu.

He attended the University of Bombay before moving to the United States, where he attended Carnegie Mellon University. He received a PHD in mathematics in 1983, and became a mathematics professor at the University of Maryland Baltimore County.

He still continues to hold this job even though he is more notable as a writer, and has risen through the academic ran