My Name Is Not Chief: The Life of an American Indian

My Name Is Not Chief: The Life of an American Indian

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The book describes the life of Ben Blue, a Ho-Chunk Indian who represents an everyman figure for contemporary American Indians. The book begins with his early years spent in both a rural setting at the Wisconsin Dells before moving to an urban setting in Los Angeles. He is introduced to drugs and a ...more

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Kent L. Koppelman, Ph.D. Education 1979, La Crosse, Wisconsin.

A champion of diversity and the author of “Understanding Human Differences,” Kent Koppelman is known for writing a lasting textbook that is read by college students in multicultural education classes throughout the U.S. He also wrote “Values in the Key of Life: Making Harmony in the Human Community,” another human relations resource. He helped found a number of organizations, including the Wisconsin State Human Relations