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Out of the Ashes

Out of the Ashes

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When Ashelandra’s father dies, she ends up a servant in her own house, instead of the Baroness she was supposed to become. But Ash’s secret sorcery could be the key to winning back her home and following her heart to a future she never imagined. This fantasy-infused Cinderella story puts a magical ...more

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I was born in Salt Lake City, Utah on a cold November day and have hated the cold ever since. Luckily, I live in St. George now with my husband, Jason, and my three children, Connor, Riley and Elizabeth. I wanted to be a writer ever since fourth grade. At that time, I felt sure my stories were creative masterpieces. When I was older, I reread my flashes of brilliance only to realize that they were nothing of the sort, but that didn't smash my desire to keep writing. I received my bachelors degr...more