Painting Dreams: Minnie Evans, Visionary Artist

Painting Dreams: Minnie Evans, Visionary Artist

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Minnie Evans was forty-three years old when she began to draw pictures based on her strange dreams and waking visions: giant birds, biblical figures, and other fantastic images. This is her story of a woman who pursued her art despite the restrictions placed on her as an African American-woman. "A ...more

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Mary E. Lyons, a former teacher and librarian, became a full-time writer in 1993. She is the author of nineteen books for young readers published by Scribner, Atheneum, Henry Holt, Houghton Mifflin and Oxford University Press.

Born and raised in the American South, Mary Lyons lives in Charlottesville, Virginia, with her husband, Paul. Her publications for adults include The Blue Ridge Tunnel: A Remarkable Engineering Feat in Antebellum Virginia (History Press, 2014) and The Virginia