Pangan: Dari Penindasan Sampai ke Ketahanan Pangan

Pangan: Dari Penindasan Sampai ke Ketahanan Pangan

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Susan George menyoroti fakta dan mitos mengenai produksi makanan sekaligus menyediakan jawabannya dengan tajam dan jernih serta diuraikan secara kronologis, mulai dari asal-mulanya 10.000 tahun yang lalu hingga Supermarket Global dewasa ini.

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About Author

Susan George is a well-known political scientist and writer on global social justice, Third World poverty, underdevelopment and debt. She is a fellow and president of the board of the Transnational Institute in Amsterdam. She is a fierce critic of the present policies of the IMF, World Bank, and what she calls their "maldevelopment model". She similarly criticizes the structural reform policies of the Washington Consensus on Third World development. She is of U.S. birth but now resides in Franc...more