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Perfecting Kate

Perfecting Kate

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KATE’S CREED: Thou shalt embrace singledom and be unbelievably, inconceivably happy. Yeah, right.

Kate Meadows, a successful San Francisco artist, is this close to giving up on finding a nice, solid man with whom to spend her life. So when not one, but two eligible bachelors enter her o

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About Author

Tamara Leigh holds a Masters Degree in Speech and Language Pathology. In 1993, she signed a 4-book contract with Bantam Books. Her first medieval romance, Warrior Bride, was released in 1994. Continuing to write for the general market, three more novels were published with HarperCollins and Dorchester and earned awards and spots on national bestseller lists.

In 2006, Tamara’s first inspirational contemporary romance, Stealing Adda, was released. In 2008, Perfecting Kate was optioned