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PNEUMA – The Celestial Beings Trilogy

PNEUMA – The Celestial Beings Trilogy

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Jul 31, 2020
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English (US)

Jovianus is part of a classified civilization that has secretly taken up residence on this planet that they share with the human race known as, Celestial Beings. Against his wishes, he has been chosen to become the next chief of his tribe.

The plan was supposed to be simple. Live alongside


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About Author

Eli Liszt has always been fascinated with myths, folktales, and unexplained phenomenon. During her college years she became captivated with the campus library and took personal interest in literature, particularly works of poetry and fiction. After reading countless novels and becoming immersed in their fables, she decided that it was time to pursue her own passion in writing. 
A native to Texas, she divides her time between Houston and Dallas as often as possible. Her hobbies include g