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May 10, 2019
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The first book in a sweeping saga that spans our galaxy!
Ceridwen, a five year old girl, weird and unwanted, finds herself suddenly sought after for the secret that she keeps.
The Deciden is the guiding force in the galaxy, seen as evil by those lusting for power.
Now the damaged little girl has t

Featured paragraphs from this book

Ceri unleashed the images in her memory of the abused and tortured children and animals, the dying bodies of those with Paloric, the devastation of what the AGF had wrought cascading through all their minds. She wanted to rip the woman limb from limb, twang every nerve with a laser to make her suffer and writhe in torment, watch her blood flow from every orifice for hours on end till she was an empty husk.


Ceri hobbled off the wide bed, facing him, starting to laugh at the look on his face. “One of your plans didn’t work? I’ve told you before; humans aren’t puppets. You can’t place two people in a room and expect them to fall in love just because you want them to, Xi.” She used the term, knowing it would trigger him.


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