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Querido Diego, te abraza Quiela

Querido Diego, te abraza Quiela

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Angelina Beloff, exiliada rusa, pintora incipiente, escribe desde el gris, el frío y la pobreza del París de posguerra, a Diego Rivera, su compañero durante diez años, a quien no ha podido seguir en su regreso a México. Angelina Beloff escribe cartas amargas que el pintor no responde. Una mujer fin ...more

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Hélène Elizabeth Louise Amélie Paula Dolores Poniatowska Amor was born on May 19, 1933, in Paris, France. Her father was French of Polish ancestry and her mother a Mexican who was raised in France. When she was nine Poniatowska's family moved to México City. She grew up speaking French and learned English in a private British school. However, her knowledge of Spanish came from talking with the maids, so her written Spanish was largely colloquial. Poniatowska developed ties with the Mexican lowe...more