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Fourth novel in the highly-acclaimed John Marquez crime series - Eighteen years ago, Special Agent John Marquez was forced to watch as his informant, Billy Takado, was gunned down, the victim of a set-up by criminal mastermind Emrahain Stoval. In the fallout from the affair, Marquez lost his job. N ...more

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I aimed at writing long ago but that turned out to more romance than reality. Looking back, I was lucky to learn something about the world first. Never gave up on writing though. It just took longer. I've written five novels with an undercover California Fish and Game warden, John Marquez, three with a San Francisco homicide inspector, and now Signature Wounds and FBI special agent bomb tech, Paul Grale. Grale is living in the world we're in and dealing with the challenges of our times. I'm ver...more