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This book includes: case studies of film lighting by some of the world's leading cinematographers ; every chapter is illustrated with reproductions of 35mm film frames ; lighting diagrams accompany 35mm workprints from workshops ; chapters about 'Breathless', 'Fearless', 'Seven' and 'The last Emper ...more

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*The reader will recognise in these extracts portions of the Maxims previously given, sometimes the author has carefully polished them; at other times the words are identical. Our numbers will indicate where they are to be found in the foregoing collection.

XLI.—Those who wish to define victory by her birth will be tempted to imitate the poets, and to call her the Daughter of Heaven, since they cannot find her origin on earth. Truly she is produced from an infinity of actions, which instead of wishing to beget her, only look to the particular interests of their masters, since all those who compose an army, in aiming at their own rise and glory, produce a good so great and general. (1665, No. 232.)

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