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Sanctuary of the Soul: Journey Into Meditative Prayer

Sanctuary of the Soul: Journey Into Meditative Prayer

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"At the very heart of God is the passionate disposition to be in loving fellowship with you. . . . From the human side of this equation it is meditative prayer that ushers us into this divine-human fellowship." Richard Foster, bestselling author and founder of Renovare, writes these words as one wh ...more

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Richard J. Foster is the author of several bestselling books, including Celebration of Discipline , Streams of Living Water , and Prayer , which was Christianity Today 's Book of the Year and the winner of the Gold Medallion Award from the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association. He is the founder of Renovaré, an intrachurch movement committed to the renewal of the Church in all her multifaceted expressions, and the editor of The Renovaré Spiritual Formation Bib...more