Simple Living & High Thinking

Simple Living & High Thinking


  • Is it simplicity or the name & fame of a person which keep him alive in the hearts of people even after he is no more?0 . Comment
  • This is an inspiring life story of my Naana Naani.
    Rest will unveil further as I write
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  • "Man changa to kathauti mein ganga".0 . Comment
  • A person is great by his/ her deeds not by the wealth, not by money or not by his or her rank in society.

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This Book is a tribute to my Grand Pa papa & Grand Mumma.

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About Author

I am Urvashi Vats from Dehradun, Uttarakhand India. I have pursued, MBA ( Human Resources & MA Education ( Educational Psychology). I have worked as an Assistant Professor, MBA & BBA & Faculty for Personality Development as well.  With it recently I have completed my certification in Life Coach & Public Speaking Facilitator.
I have a passion of writing since my college life. Around two years back I started my passion of writing through Facebook & my first poe