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Space Penguins Galaxy Race

Space Penguins Galaxy Race

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Rocky's reputation for death-defying aerial acrobatics gains him an invitation to participate in the galaxy's notorious Superchase Space Race. But will this turn out to be a race to the death?

For ages 6-8. From the Space Penguins series.

*Fun, pun-filled stories


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Lucy Courtenay has officially been writing children’s fiction since 1999, and unofficially for a lot longer than that. Her desk drawers are full of half-finished stories waiting for the right moment to emerge and dance around her study in a shower of exuberant paperclips. She’s written for series such as THE SLEEPOVER CLUB, ANIMAL ARK, DOLPHIN DIARIES and BEAST QUEST, and her next book MOVIE NIGHT is out in January 2018. In her spare time, she sings with the BBC Symphony Chorus and forages for ...more