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Street of Shadows Star Wars Coruscant Nights II

Street of Shadows Star Wars Coruscant Nights II

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With the Jedi all but wiped out in the grim aftermath of Order 66 the Empires power seems unchecked But one lone Knight continues to fight the good fightagainst all odds and when all else fails Deep in the bowels of Coruscant Jedi Jax Pavan ekes out a living as a private investigator a goto cando g ...more

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Micheal Reeves is an Emmy Award-winning television writer and screenwriter whose many credits include Star Trek: The Next Generation, Twilight Zone, Batman: The Animated Series; and Gargoyles. His novels include the New York Times bestseller STAR WARS: Darth Maul - Shadowhunter and the forthcoming STAR WARS: Death Star. He has written a book called Interworld with Neil Gaiman. He's also written short fiction, comic books and background dialogue for a Megadeath video. He lives in California....more