The Beau and the Bluestocking

The Beau and the Bluestocking

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Educated in the country by her scholarly father and raised as an equal with her brothers, lovely Alethea Newnham was unfamiliar with the frivolities of the haul monde. And when she was invited to stay at her fashionable aunt's house in London, she found it difficult to play the romantic games that ...more

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Born Alice Mary Chetwynd Humphrey on 12 October 1913 in Halifax, Yorkshire, England, UK, she studied at King Edward VI Grammar School in Birmingham. On 3 February 1945, she married Kenneth James Ley. They had two sons; Richard James Humphrey Ley and Graham Kenneth Hugh Ley.

She was a teacher at Harrow College of Higher Education. In 1962, she obtained a diploma in Sociology at London University, and was awarded the Gilchrist Award of 1962. She was a lecturer in Sociology and Social H