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The Big Book of Knights, Nobles & Knaves

The Big Book of Knights, Nobles & Knaves

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Magical lands inhabited by fire-breathing dragons, clever wizards casting their spells, valiant kings and gallant knights fighting for right, sly knaves eager to betray, kidnapped queens and maidens trapped in towers, merry bandits, and more: this is the entrancing stuff of which medieval legends a ...more

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About Author

Adrià Fruitós was born in Barcelona (Spain) on 1984. He grew up with a family of silkscreen’s artisans, that prompted him to draw and paint from his childhood. Studied illustration at the Massana Art School in Barcelona. Later he studied for a few months in the École Superieure des Arts Décoratifs of Strasbourg, France, and then set a time in Brussels, Belgium. Adrià currently lives and works in Strasbourg, France.
When he’s not dreaming of deserted islands and coconuts, he works for publi