The Case of the Bitter Draught

The Case of the Bitter Draught

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The festival of Mabon always left a sour taste in Wolflock’s mouth. He’d do anything to get out of it. Even find a smuggler and their contraband aboard the Silver Ice Hair. So, when Captain Blutro asks him to investigate, Wolflock doesn’t care what toes he steps on to get results.

But who


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Rhiannon is a twenty-something lady who always dreamed the world could be a better place. Raised by a fairy, taught by wizards and bullied by goblins and trolls, she soon learned that magic was everywhere in life and all you needed to do to find it was simply look. Within those lessons, she also learned that magic created the power to achieve your greatest dreams if you only practiced wielding it.

From her earliest years she remembers writing stories with her friends and dre