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The Devil and the Angel: A Memoir

The Devil and the Angel: A Memoir

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This is not a sad tale, although it has terrifying, potentially soul-destroying, elements. Rather it is the story of a man of integrity, strength, and ingenuity who has overcome many of the scourges of our modern world - abuse and addiction - while living a productive and creative life. Dan tells h ...more

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Librarian Note: THIS BIO MAY BE ATTACHED TO THE WRONG BOOK: There are several authors in the Goodreads database with this name. Dan Kennedy, New York novelist and host of The Moth, is NOT the business advice guru of the same name. Dan Kennedy (New York) has authored three books, none of which are about money, marketing, or getting rich quick. He takes no legal responsibility for the advice given in books by the 'get rich quick' guru of the same name.

Dan Kennedy is an