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The Diamond Deep

The Diamond Deep

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What if a woman as strong and as complex as Eva Perón began her life as a robot repair assistant threatened by a powerful peacekeeping force that wants to take all she has from her?

The discovery ship, Creative Fire, is on its way home from a multi-generational journey. But home i

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About Author

Brenda Cooper writes science fiction,fantasy, and poetry.

Brenda's most recent novels are EDGE of DARK and SPEAR OF LIGHT from Pyr and POST from ESpec Books. Edge of Dark won the 2016 Endeavour Award for a notable science fiction or fantasy novel by a Northwest author.

Other recent novels include the duology THE CREATIVE FIRE and THE DIAMOND DEEP, also from Pyr.

Brenda released two collections in 2015. Her all science fiction CRACKING THE SKY came out from Fai