The Hits Just Keep on Coming: The History of Top 40 Radio

The Hits Just Keep on Coming: The History of Top 40 Radio

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Celebrating the 40th birthday of Top 40, this is the story behind the station. It contains interviews with the DJs and talks about rock, R&B, country and pop music. There is a chapter on British pirate radio and an exploration of the growth of Top 40.

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Benjamin Fong-Torres (Fāng Zhènháo) is an American rock journalist, author, and broadcaster best known for his association with Rolling Stone magazine (through 1981) and the San Francisco Chronicle (from around 1982).

Due to the Chinese Exclusion Act, Fong-Torres' father, Ricardo Fong-Torres (born Fong Kwok Seung), changed his surname to Torres and posed as a Filipino citizen in order to emigrate to the United States. His family later adopted the hyphenated surname, F