The Hooples's Horrible Holiday

The Hooples's Horrible Holiday

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Thanksgiving! Turkey! Pumpkin pie! Parades! Alvin Hoople and his family are off to his grandparents' house to celebrate. But everything from freeway traffic to airplane food makes it look like the day will never arrive. Even the Pilgrims on the perfect Thanksgiving cake barely survive the trip. ...more

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Stephen Manes (born 1949) wrote the "Digital Tools" column that appeared in every issue of Forbes until recently when he took a break. He is expected to return in the future. He is also co-host and co-executive editor of the public television series "PC World's Digital Duo," a program he helped create.

Manes was previously the Personal Computers columnist for the Science Times section of The New York Times and a regular columnist for InformationWeek. He has been on the technology bea