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The Monasteries of the Wadi 'n Natrûn

The Monasteries of the Wadi 'n Natrûn

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Publications of the Metropolitan Museum of Art Egyptian Expedition, #2, 4, 8

1. New Coptic texts from the Monastery of Saint Macarius / edited with an introd. on the Library at the Monastery of Saint Macarius ; with an appendix on a Copto-Arabic ms. by G. P. G. Sobhy
2. The history

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About Author

Hugh Gerard Evelyn-White (1884-1924) was a translator of Greek epic poetry.

Evelyn-White was a prolific English archaeologist, classicist, Coptologist, and Egyptologist. He was educated at King's School in Ely before joining the Metropolitan Museum of New York's expedition to Egypt in 1909. Other than a period serving in the armed forces during World War I, Evelyn-White remained with the Met Museum's expedition until 1921. During this time he worked with