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The Psychic Boy Detective

The Psychic Boy Detective

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Dawn Reilly always knew that her twelve year old son, Sean, was an average, sports loving, game playing, and normal New York boy, but never a psychic. Suddenly Sean begins having psychic visions of murdered people whose killers have never been brought to justice. Sean is shown, through these troubl ...more

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About Author

John Paul Carinci has been a successful insurance executive and president of Carinci Insurance Agency, Inc., for over 35 years.
John is also an author, songwriter, poet, and CEO of Better Off Dead Productions, Inc., a movie production company.
As a worldwide published author, some of John’s works include:
An All-Consuming Desire To Succeed, The Power of Being Different, In Exchange of Life, Share Your Mission #5, A Second Chance , The Psychic Boy Detective, Better Off Dead, Bet