The Salamander

The Salamander

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Salamandra. Forjado nas chamas da guerra. Um símbolo de coragem e justiça. A marca do poder final. Um general Italiano é encontrado morto no seu apartamento. Junto ao corpo, um pequeno cartão gravado com o desenho de uma salamandra. O coronel Matucci inicia uma investigação de rotina, acabando por ...more

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About Author

Morris Langlo West was born in St Kilda, Melbourne in 1916. At the age of fourteen, he entered the Christian Brothers seminary ‘as a kind of refuge’ from a difficult childhood. He attended the University of Melbourne and worked as a teacher. In 1941 he left the Christian Brothers without taking final vows. In World War II he worked as a code-breaker, and for a time he was private secretary to former prime minister Billy Hughes.

After the war, West became a successful writer and prod