The Transvestite Memoirs of the Abbe de Choisy

The Transvestite Memoirs of the Abbe de Choisy

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Memoirs of the courtier and abbot whose cross-dressing brought him into conflict with French society.
By a whim of his mother, Francois Timoleon de Choisy—better known as the Abbé de Choisy—was dressed as a girl until the age of 18. After a short spell in male attire he became, b

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He was born in Paris. His father was attached to the household of the duke of Orléans, and his mother, who was on intimate terms with Anne of Austria, was regularly called upon to amuse Louis XIV. By a whim of his mother, the boy was dressed like a girl until he was eighteen, and, after appearing for a short time in man's costume, he resumed woman's dress on the advice--doubtless satirical--of Madame de La Fayette. He delighted in the most extravagant toilettes until he was publicly rebuked by ...more