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Its all in the title! Will uncover further as I write more.

  • Things have changed for daughters, Not for daughters-in-law.
    Do you agree?
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  • #PrenuptialQuestions
    Who asks these days if the girl knows how to cook or not? The only thing they ask is if she knows how to drive, so that she can take her mom-in-law for shopping and partying with the girls gang.
    Yo 😎
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  • When you get nightmares thinking about what will your relatives think about you, while reading your book! "Kuch to log kahenge, logon ka kaam hai kehna". Pheww!5Click to view who liked . Comment
  • For the audience who doesn't understand Hindi... the title in English means- "The Uncultured/Unethical Daughter-in-Law".5Click to view who liked . Comment
  • Waking up early today isn't working well, the countless tasks at hand are compelling me to drown in sleep again!5Click to view who liked . Comment

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