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The Wars of the Roses

The Wars of the Roses

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The vicious conflict between the English noble houses of York and Lancaster—known as the War of the Roses—marked the end of medieval England and the birth of the Renaissance. Here is a concise and fascinating study of that 30-year period, which recounts the secret plots, hidden romances, royal murd ...more

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Robin Hunter Neillands was a British writer who specialized in travel and military history. He also wrote under several pen names: Robin Hunter, Rob Hunter, Neil Lands and Debbie Hunter.

Neillands served in 45 Commando, Royal Marines in Cyprus and the Middle East. Afterwards, as a salesman for Pan Books, he travelled widely. In Britain, he founded Spur Books and through them published his early travel guides to France. One of his many journeys, cycling the Way of St. James pilgrim tr